A Perfect Day for It | or Why climb a mountain?

Every Easter we go away from the city and the flat countryside of East Anglia and head for the mountains, and this Easter was no different.  Except that instead of visiting Mother-in-Law in Wales, we stayed in  farm cottage in the Yorkshire Dales.

As I was climbing the dizzy heights of Ingleborough (723 metres, and one of the Dales' Three Peaks) it occurred to me to think about WHY we do this...  The main reason, apart from having a great time together as a family and the achievement of getting to the top, is the view, providing it's not cloudy that is!

So, what's this got to do with stories, I hear you asking?

Well, I found the perfect story which sums it all up...  "A Perfect Day for It" by Jan Fearnley.

On a beautiful winter morning, Bear sets off up the mountain because it's a perfect day for... something!  His friends, unaware of the real reason for climbing this mountain, follow him.  But WHY is he going up a mountain?  Because when you get to the top you can slide back down to the bottom and that's really great fun!  Beautifully illustrated by Jan Fearnley, and as it says on the front of the book, a surprise fold-out page at the end.

Back to our walk.  On the way up...

And another lovely view on another lovely walk...

And in a whole week in Yorkshire, there wasn't a drop of rain!  We stayed in Thwaite Farm Cottage near Sedburgh where the children got to help the farmer out every morning with the new born lambs - but that's a post for another day...

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