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It's Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day on Tuesday.  So I've dug out my favourite stories about pancakes.

Stories about pancakes - 

1. Pancakes, pancakes by Eric Carle - I love Eric Carle's illustrations.  This is about a boy who has to fetch all the ingredients his Mum needs to make pancakes, so we get to see where it all comes from.

2. Mr Wolf's Pancakes by Jan Fearnley - a funny story about the crafty wolf who gets beaten in the end!

The idea can be extended in so many ways - making pancakes, weighing and measuring ingredients, talking about healthy toppings, counting and sharing, make playdough pancakes by rolling out dough, role play with the kitchen toys.  How about cutting some yellow felt circles (or cardboard or paper) and using the toy frying pan to flip them!

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