Billy's Beetle | the 'b' sound

We're working on the 'b' sound with the children lately.  So I've been searching my bookshelves for books with a 'b' title or characters.  I've got a lot!  But the one we had great fun with recently was "Billy's Beetle" by Mick Inkpen.

I collected up some plastic beetles from the animal collection.

And put them in a little tin.

Then the children listened to the tin and tried to guess what was inside - some funny guesses - Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz?  A bear?  No...

Then we read the story and every time one of the children spotted the beetle (it's hard as he is VERY small) they had to shout out BEETLE and point to it.

It's a lovely story which allows lots of interaction and "book talk" as you look at the pages.  "I wonder where the man with the sniffy dog was going?"  "What do you think the lady with the sausages will have for her tea tonight?"

So, some other 'b' books:
  • Brown bear brown bear by Bill Martin & Eric Carle
  • Goldilocks and the three bears
  • Peace at last by Jill Murphy
  • Whatever next by Jill Murphy (it's got bears in it)
  • We're going on a bear hunt by Michael Rosen
  • Baggy Brown by Mick Inkpen
  • Threadbear by Mick Inkpen
I hope you enjoy some 'b' books this week!

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