Sharing Children's Learning II | A Special Card

How about another special way to share the children's learning with home?

At Christmas the children were invited to play with a little Christmas tree on a low table.  We filled some baskets with decorations and the children spent ages decorating their own little tree.

As they worked we took lots of photos.  Later when I looked at the photos I thought - Christmas - Christmas cards - how about a Christmas card about their tree decorating activity?  So this was the result:

I made the image on a great online photo editing program called PicMonkey.

Then I printed them out on some thin card, folded them in half - and the result was a lovely card to send home showing what the children had been doing.

So why am I talking about cards in a blog about stories? Becsuse every bit of the children's learning is a new story for them, and if we can get them talking anout their learning at home then they are building narrative and story telling skills.

Look out for more special ways to share the children's learning with their homes and families here in the future.

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