Going to the Library...

This week we took the children to the library to choose their own books.

Here's what happened...
The children love stories, and although they all have their own preferences and interests, they just love to sit down together and hear any story.

So we thought we'd take them all to the library to
  • choose their own books
  • look at some books in the library setting
  • see the amazing selection of books on offer
  • and get inspired
We sat down at the picture book section and the children (aged 2-3) immediately started to pick books to look at.  Interestingly they all picked books which were about things they love.  T picked Dig Dig Digging in a board book, and he even noticed the difference between the board book and the picture book we read at home - in this board book version the page where all the vehicles are sleeping and it's night time is missed out.  

M picked a book about Charlie and Lola who she loves, and little M picked a book about animals.  

S was really interested in looking at all the identical sized books lined up on the shelves - maybe this fits in with his positioning and connecting schemas.

Here is what we took home in the end...

And we also picked a copy of Superworm by the brilliant Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.  We read it together when we got home and it's great - all about a worm turned superhero with a baddie crow.

Why not take a trip to the library soon - how about to look for some Christmassy books - we had a great time and will definitely be taking all the children again soon.

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