We love Mr Big!

Thanks everyone for coming to the Mr Big Rainbow Cafe.  It was fantastic.

We read the story Mr Big about a gorilla who has no friends, buys a piano and finds some friends through their love of music.  He joins a really groovy band in the end.  We listened to some sad music and some happy music during the story.

 Then we made our own musical instruments inspired by the story using junk with pasta or beans to make noises.

We also made My Big stick puppets with a happy face on one side and a sad face on the other.  Have a look at these great pictures of some of the children's creations:

 We made happy and sad faces just like Mr Big!

We listened to the story again at the end and the children joined in with their own musical instruments.  Children all took home a certificate and a family challenge, and lots of families won a great book raffle prize to take home.

If you are inspired by the Mr Big story why not take a look at this video of the story being read aloud:

 Look out for some more posts in the near future about great books to read aloud and more from Rainbow Cafe in May.

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