Communication Friendly Spaces for Families

At Magdalen Gates Preschool, for some time now, we have been using the principles of Elizabeth Jarman's "Communication Friendly Spaces" concept.  So, staff set up small spaces that encourage communication, between children, or between children and adults.

A good example is our willow wigwam in the garden, or our Step in a Story space which staff and children make into a themed space based on a story.

Or it could be a "Talking Tent" like you can borrow at Rainbow Cafe - a pop-up tent, torch, blanket and books.

Or it could just be the corner under the stairs, or the box the new TV came in!

If you're interested, Elizabeth Jarman has set up a new Facebook page "Communication Friendly Spaces for families" at the link below:

Take a look and tell us which "spaces" your children like to play in at home.

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